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How do I gaggel?

This is the bit that we are really excited about and could potentially change how people protect their mobile phones.

Ok, I'm ready to invite friends – how?

The easiest way is to put their email address in the "Invite Friends" field on your
dashboard. You can also use Facebook, Google+ or your phonebook.

If someone accepts my invitation are they in my gaggel straight away?

Yes – they are in your gaggel from the very next day.

Can I remove people from my gaggel?

Yes. You have to give them one month's notice.

Tell me about my dashboard

Your dashboard tells you everything you need to know about your connected cover.

It shows you who you have in your gaggel, who has claimed, and what your
expected refund is at the end of the year, among other things.

You can also invite others to join your gaggel from there, look at your policy
documents, make a claim and lots more.