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How much money should I expect to save?

Gaggel size (inc principal)
No. of Claims
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
1 5% 20% 40% 52% 60% 70% 73.5% 76%
2 5% 10.5% 20.5% 28.5%
3 5%

N.B We are assuming the average claim is £250 with the first £50 covered by the claimee, and that on average one in five people will make a claim each year.

Also remember there is a £10 per annum Gaggel membership fee.

How do I earn cashback then?

It's easy – you just need to gaggel (or link up) with others on our platform to start
earning cashback. You're officially linked from the first of the policy month. The more
people in your gaggel the more refund you can earn.

What can I expect to save in a year?

This depends on the amount of claims in your gaggel - check out our grid!

What happens if I don't gaggel with others till half way through the year?

It's not a problem (remember, you're fully covered from day 1) but you don't get the
same level of refund as you would if you had a big gaggel from the start of the year.

Basically at the end of the year we will add up the number of people in your gaggel
and how long you were linked, and then use that number to calculate your refund on
the sliding scale.

Can you run me through an example of how my refund would be calculated?

Yes – get your maths ready: say you get insurance from us on 1st January. For a
while you don't get around to linking up with anyone else. Then Jon joins your gaggel
on 1 July and is part of it till the end of the year (6 months in total). Jim and Jane link
with you on 1 October and stay in for the rest of the year too (3 months each). So
you've racked up 6+3+3 months of connections = 12 months.

That's equivalent to being connected to one person for a whole year so you are
entitled to the refund level for having one connection (subject to claims). If you stay
with Jon, Jim and Jane next year, you'll be connected from day 1 and earn the refund
for having three connections for a whole year.

That sounds complicated - what do I need to remember?

Just remember to gaggel with others as soon as possible to maximise your cashback

We'll do all the work behind the scenes to calculate your refund and make sure you
can see what we expect it to be at any time.

Will I receive my refund in cash?

Yes Sir – if you want it in cash, you get it in cash. It’ll be transferred to your account
within two weeks of the end of your policy year.

Or, you can roll it over into next year's policy to reduce the cost. If you do that, you
get a 10% additional credit.

We'll explain your options in more detail when the time comes.

What happens if I cancel my policy before the end of the year?

You can cancel your policy at any time. You'll be covered till the end of the month in
which you cancel.

Because the policy is annual, we have to charge a small cancellation fee of £10 if
you cancel before that.

Unfortunately you also won't be entitled to any refund since that is only paid at the
end of the policy year, not in the middle.

What if one of my gaggel cancels their policy mid-year? Does it affect me?

They stop being in your gaggel at the end of the month they cancel in, but they still
count as a connection until that time. That means that being connected to them still
earns you some refund.

What happens to my refund if I make a claim?

First – we do our very best to sort it out as quickly as possible. The whole point
of having insurance is that when you claim, getting your phone fixed or replaced is as
hassle free as possible.

Second – unfortunately your refund will reduce. How much exactly depends on how
many people there are in your gaggel. But your dashboard will always show you
exactly what your expected refund is at the current time.

And what happens to my refund if one of my gaggel claims?

Same thing. Every time someone in your gaggel makes a claim your refund is
reduced – the handy table below sets out what this looks like for different gaggel

Gaggel size (inc principal)
No. of Claims
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
1 5% 20% 40% 52% 60% 70% 73.5% 76%
2 5% 10.5% 20.5% 28.5%
3 5%

So if there are any claims in my gaggel (including by me) my refund reduces?

Yes, that's right.

It's because some of what was earmarked as your refund had to help pay for the
claim. So the refund isn't as big.

That's why we tell people to select a gaggel they trust, not people who might
accidentally on purpose break their phone when they want a new one.

Can I see who in my gaggel has made a claim?

Yes, you can see this on your dashboard and you will also be sent a message
when someone in your gaggel files a claim.

What if someone has made a claim, but they weren't in my gaggel at the time?

If you gaggel with someone after they have had a claim that doesn't affect your
refund. You're refund is only affected by claims made by people during the time they
are in your gaggel.

What if someone joins my gaggel just before they make a claim?

That's really bad luck. The good news is that because they are now part of your
gaggel, you are earning a refund together. The bad news is that their claim will count
as a claim in your gaggel.

Anything else I should know?

Those are the main things but if anything isn't clear send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.