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The Basics: Explain to me what you guys do again

No problem. We're trying to do two things for our customers:

  1. Help you when you break or lose your phone.
    This includes getting your phone repaired or replaced
    in double quick time and help with other areas
    such as loading your back-up data and contacts.

  2. Provide a more sensible and cost effective alternative to insurance.
    Insurance for things like mobile phones is overpriced because of the cost
    of underwriting, policy issuance, claims handling and regulatory costs.
    Self insuring with friends & family is typically cheaper and at Gaggel
    we provide a better service

What are the 7 guidelines to gaggeling?

These guidelines are set out as a suggestion on how you agree to share potential costs with the people that you gaggel with. However, ultimately any gaggel customer can decide to participate or indeed not participate in any contribution towards costs.
1. Everyone makes a monthly contribution of £7.
2. The person making the claim will pay the first £50 of any loss.
3. The maximum you can claim from your gaggel is £250 per claim and per year (so you can claim for screen damage twice in one year if the combined total is below £250.)
4. Maximum contribution from any individual to a claim is £25. (apart for claimee.)
5. Any one contribution is capped at 50% of funds in wallet per claim (apart from claim.)
6. If the cost of a claim exceeds the funds contributed by their gaggel it is up to the claim to make up the balance.
7. You should use common sense for what to claim from your gaggel for damages, thefts and losses and truthfully document what has happened in the forms.
Unless you tell us otherwise, Gaggel will automatically instruct our payment partner, Lemonway, to make gaggel contributions to claims on this basis.

Oh by the way. In traditional mobile insurance a large % of claims are fraudulent, which also increases the price of insurance. We don't think this is going to happen so often when you gaggel!