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Behind the scenes

What's the magic?

We really think that self-insuring using connected cover and sharing a bit of risk
with people you know & trust makes sense for low value items like mobile phones.
Forming a mutual with friends & family is not a new idea,
it actually dates back to 17th century London, find out more here..

Can you explain that in a way that is a little more um, understandable?

It's bit like you getting together with a few friends and each of you putting your annual
premium in a joint bank account at the start of the year instead of paying for
insurance. You agree that if someone breaks their phone they can buy a new one
with some of that money, or get it repaired.

Am I forming a gaggel with friends or is every gaggel unique?

The group itself is more like a social network. Like Facebook or LinkedIn.
You connect to people you know and trust, but you don't necessarily connect to their

So everyone's gaggel is unique. Jon might be in my gaggel, but not be connected to
Jane, who's also in my gaggel. He might also have lots of connections who aren't in my gaggel.